Pro Feedback FAQ

What is Pro Feedback, and why do I need it?

Pro Feedback is a curated offering for BandLab music creators of all levels and locations to get affordable personalised feedback on your songs and mixes from some of the world’s best producers, mix and mastering engineers. Our objective is to empower you to become more confident and skilled at the craft of writing, self-producing, and/or mixing your own music — or the music of others!

How do I submit my song or mix for feedback by a professional producer, mix or mastering engineer?
Below every song that you’ve created in BandLab, or uploaded to the platform, you have the option to submit that song for Pro Feedback. Once you’ve done that, you’ll then follow a short series of prompts about your music, select the Pro that you’d like feedback from, and make the payment. The Pro will then listen to your song and generate written notes for you on how they think you can improve it — along with some praise for what they think you’ve done well already!
Who are the Pros that I can choose from?
All the producers, mixers, and mastering engineers are at the top of their game. They are Grammy-winners, multi-Platinum and other decorated professionals. You should look at their list of credits and achievements to see which Pro best fits the style of music you’re working on.
How long after I book feedback from a Pro until I’ll receive it?
We expect that your feedback report will be ready within 7 calendar days of the purchase being made. However, as the Pros’ schedules are unpredictable and variable, there may be occasions when your feedback report may be delayed beyond 7 calendar days. We’ll notify you when we’re aware that there will be a delay and endeavour to get it to you as soon as possible.
Can I list the Pro I selected to give me feedback as a producer, mixer or in any other way associated with the song or follow-up with them privately for further discussion about it?
Sorry, no. You can’t credit the Pro who provides feedback on your songs or mixes or otherwise make any mention or reference to the Pro in any way. Nor is it permitted to have subsequent follow-up with the Pro once they’ve submitted their feedback report to you unless they clearly stipulate that this is permitted in the feedback report you will receive. However, the Pro may, at their sole and absolute discretion, include a testimonial in your feedback report that you will be able to use publicly - like on your social media or website.
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